Audi S’8 TFSI from ABT atelier bypassed in return RS 8

Audi S’8 TFSI from ABT atelier bypassed in return RS 8


The Audi SQ8 crossover was released in 2019 in a diesel version (with a V8 4.0 TDI engine, 435 hp, 900 Nm). Atelier ABT Sportsline has already worked with such a machine, having received 520 hp. and 970 Nm. But in 2020, a gasoline SQ8 TFSI appeared (V8 4.0 TFSI, 507 hp, 770 Nm), more dynamic even in the basic version. And now Abt’s engineers have reached him. The ABT Engine Control unit allowed to increase the output of the supercharged “eight” to 650 hp. and 850 Nm. These parameters turned out to be higher than those of the older brother of the Audi RS Q8 in the factory version (600 hp, 800 Nm).

In addition to forcing, the authors of the model fitted a new splitter, diffuser and spoiler to it, installed original wheels.

The atelier combined the Power S recoil package, the ABT Aero Package and 23-inch High Performance GR wheels (matt black or glossy to choose from) into one set for 22,900 euros (plus installation and original painting for 3445 euros) .

The entire rebuilt vehicle is priced at 130,795 euros versus 103,700, which is how much the original SQ8 TFSI costs in Germany. By comparison, the factory RS Q8 starts at € 129,500.

The acceleration time from zero to hundred in the SQ8 TFSI crossover from the ABT studio, in comparison with the original, has been reduced from 4.1 s to 3.8 s. According to this indicator, the novelty only caught up with the usual RS Q8 crossover. But the maximum speed raised from the limited 250 to 270 km / h will amuse the pride of the buyer. Naturally, such a car is noticeably more dynamic than the diesel SQ8 – both in the factory version (acceleration in 4.8 s) and in the form modified by Abtom (4.45 s). The top-end RS Q8 is able to maintain the status quo if it also goes to Kempten for redrawing. The Germans have already demonstrated that the Er-Escu can be boosted up to 740 hp. and 920 Nm, getting acceleration from zero to hundred in 3.4 s.

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