Audi showed an improved universal RS4 Avant

Audi showed an improved universal RS4 Avant


Premiere of the updated wagon Audi RS4 Avant – docobject acquired leisure complex with a 10.1-inch screen, led optics with a new pattern, reshaped diffuser and bumpers.

Two years after the debut of the station wagon RS4 Avant, the fourth generation, the Audi designers decided on a local patch. Now the model is similar to the reduced copy of the flagship RS6 Avant: the similarity is achieved by drawing a matrix of led headlights and shape of the air intakes in the front bumper.


The main technical difference between the updated model – new multimedia system with 10.1-inch touch screen MMI. Slightly tilted towards the driver, the screen absorbed the functions that were previously regulated by the puck on the center console. Now on the monitor system can display all parameters – overload in turns and lap times to navigational charts.

Powertrain and chassis the restyling has not affected: under the hood is still installed a 2.9-liter V6 with dual supercharged, which produces 450 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque. Transmission vosmidiapazonnoy automatic. First “hundred” universal exchanged for the same 4.1 seconds, that of the predecessor.

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In Europe taking orders for the new wagon will start in late October and the first cars will arrive to dealers in December. Prices with restyling rose slightly: the basic RS4 Avant will cost 81 400 euros.

How do you like the updated looks of the RS 4 Avant?

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