Audi showed elegant new optics on the teaser of the concept

Audi showed elegant new optics on the teaser of the concept


Audi is shaping the foundation for its electrified and semi-autonomous future with 3 concepts – Skysphere, Grandsphere and Urbansphere. Skysphere has already been unveiled, and the company is gearing up to debut Grandsphere on September 2.

A new teaser showcases the front of the car and the slim headlights. The rest of the design details remain hidden.

Several details of this concept have already been shown. In a teaser for Grandsphere last week, the car was presented from an overhead projection. A new teaser showcases a pair of slim headlights that look like cat’s eyes.

The silhouette makes it clear that the car is equipped with side-view cameras in the form of wings. It is worth noting that this innovation continues to face regulatory hurdles in many countries.

The Grandsphere Concept is equipped with manual controls. Past teasers showed a laconic interior and the absence of a central tunnel.

Audi will unveil the Grandsphere Concept on September 2nd. The public debut kicks off next week at the Munich Motor Show.

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