Audi Skysphere: new parts of a luxury electric car

Audi Skysphere: new parts of a luxury electric car


Audi continues to fuel interest in the Skysphere concept, the first of a trio of luxury electric cars to showcase its latest design innovations. This time, Audi turned to the exterior of the car again, but showed smaller details, including intricate wheel design. Skysphere is slated to premiere on August 10 at the Four Rings Design Center in Malibu, California.

On fresh teasers, again, but from a different angle, narrowed headlights and a plug in place of the radiator grill with an ornament of triangles connected by bases are visible. On the back, the Skysphere received a similar light pattern and a four-ring emblem in red.

Earlier, Audi Senior Vice President Henrik Wenders and Chief Designer Mark Lichte said that when creating the concept, they drew inspiration from the Horch 853A convertible, released in a single copy in 1937. In particular, the long Skysphere hood and flowing aft lines refer to the vintage “two-door”.

Audi has not yet disclosed the technical characteristics of the novelty, but it is assumed that the electric architecture of Project Artemis will become the basis for all “spherical” cars. They will be set in motion by a “green” power plant. Given that Skysphere is conceived to be self-contained, the salon can be arranged in the spirit of a lounge space with chairs that can be turned towards each other.

Following Skysphere, two more premium electric cars will debut – Grand Sphere and Urban Sphere, with which Audi promises to “rethink the concept of mobility.” The Grand Sphere, tipped to be the successor to the A8 sedan, may be unveiled at the IAA in Munich in September. The third Urban Sphere model will likely be an SUV and will see the light of day before the end of the year.

Is Audi design going in the right direction lately?

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