Audi Sport announces the release of a new model RS-family

Audi Sport announces the release of a new model RS-family

Soon after the publication of the dark teaser image of Park with six future RS models that Audi will show the Sport in 2019, a division of the German brand has released a new photograph of one of these cars.

The photo was published in Facebook and serves as an invitation for members of the drivers club Audi Sport to go in Audi City Berlin in Germany, where the car will be presented from 5 to 6 September or just a few days before the motor show in Frankfurt.

Apparently, the pictures shown brand new RS6 Avant. Audi actually suggests that we are indeed looking at the next “charged” wagon from Ingolstadt, as in a post on Facebook States that it is the fourth generation of the model.


Another reason to believe that this is a great and quick “shed” from Audi, is related to the graphics of the rear lights, which are almost the same as the S6 Avant. Sleek roof rails and roof antenna are also allusions to the German family car.

If this is the RS6 Avant, then you should expect the competitor to the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate will use a two-cylinder 4.0-liter V8 engine with an output of almost 600 HP It will not be the most powerful RS6 all the time, as previously, Audi Sport in collaboration with ABT has created a special Performance RS6 Avant Nogaro Edition with a capacity of nearly 700 HP, the production of which is limited to 150 copies.

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