Audi Sport will not leave a choice to the buyers for future RS models

Audi Sport will not leave a choice to the buyers for future RS models


While Volkswagen, Skoda and SEAT are trying to diversify their product line, offering petrol, diesel and hybrid versions of the same “charged” models, the premium brand of the German company chose a different strategy. It is formulated very simply: one car – one powerplant, without alternatives. It is reported by Autocar referring to the Director of the unit Audi Sport sales and marketing.

Audi already has a 600-horsepower RS 6 Avant station wagon and cross-coupe Q8 RS with a 48-volt starter generators, but mild hybrids is not limited to: will appear “female” RS-models, including fully electric. In particular, by 2023 sales are expected to do the plug-in hybrid RS 4 Avant and the e-tron GT RS. The last will be a “hot” version of kupeobrazny sportsedan based on Porsche Taycan. The base e-tron GT expected to debut later this year.


In Audi speak, that I see no reason to complicate the choice of the buyer, making several variants of the same sports car: the variety must provide latitude model line, that is, some cars will be hybrid only, some are strictly electric. This is without electrification, apparently, will not manage – but exactly the same future awaits, for example, and the products of Mercedes-AMG.

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