Audi SQ7 2020 compared with its competitors. The results are impressive!

Audi SQ7 2020 compared with its competitors. The results are impressive!


Today we will try to answer most of the questions of those who choose crossovers in this class. Those 200-300 horsepower seems a little. Those who do not belong to sects, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, and (if such even exists) Volkswagen and willing to listen to arguments. Although comparable test SQ7 with the appropriate representative of each of these brands.

For this test drive Audi SQ7 we come especially seriously, so you first need to say what you will not see. You will not see mindless checks dynamic performance on the road, we won’t go into a long discussion of the design, we shouldn’t bring the crossover to hard off-road, we will not appreciate the Bang & Olufsen sound system.

In this test you will learn about why the words “first”, “most” and “most” for this crossover Audi will be very useful. Because they apply to the engine (4.0-liter diesel V8 with three turbines and a return of 435 HP and 900 Nm of torque) and dynamic characteristics (4.8 s to 100 km/ and about 20 to 200 km/h), and even the history of the brand.

We explain why the starting price of 81 thousand Euro is not so much (especially when compared with the price of this car in 2016) and present minimally “fit” for this class of equipment. We compare the sets of options that competitors offer to close all questions about prices.

You will learn why this car can be called a “antikythira” why carbon-ceramic brakes (worth 10 thousand euros) is required to order option, and why this fake exhaust Audi has three excuses.

We’ll figure out whether you need Audi SQ7 21-inch wheels, active stabilizers, a sport rear differential and low air suspension. And also blame Audi that they, unfortunately, “zazhralis”.

We’ll talk about the 48-volt system, mild hybrid and… the fuel consumption. Because even if this indicator is not interested in the results of the SQ7 will make surprise everyone.

In fact, the whole plot is devoted to answering a single, global question: why do we call this car… not the best, no. Special. Despite all the benefits of all the “charged” crossover.

Details in our video. Pleasant viewing.

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