Audi stopped the development of the flying taxi

Audi stopped the development of the flying taxi


The company from Ingolstadt has called the project of the new aircraft is very difficult and unpromising in the present circumstances.

The management of the company Audi decided to stop the development of a flying taxi project Pop.Up Next, which also involved Airbus and Italian design Studio Italdesign. It is reported by Automotive News.

Audi has announced the participation in the project Pop.Up Next in March 2018 at the Geneva motor show where was presented an updated version of a flying taxi. The concept of the machine is the special passenger capsule can stand on a special platform with wheels for travel over the ground.

When it enters the plug module is attached to an aircraft with four rotors, which will deliver passengers to the destination. Audi was supposed to bring to the project its expertise in the field of electric technology and batteries, and unmanned systems control.


Now the company from Ingolstadt came to the conclusion that the project Pop.Up Next is syscom difficult decision. In the opinion of management Audi should take “a very long time” before it will be possible the serial production of the complexes, which can move both on the ground and through the air.

At the moment the development of so-called “flying” cars are just a few of dozens of companies from around the world. For example, on the project, in addition to Airbus, working and firm Boeing. Plus, the service “air taxi” is going to launch firm Uber, a special control service which will create NASA. In addition, on such vehicles, Daimler is working in partnership Volocopter and the Chinese Geely, together with Terrafugia. Finally, recently, the opening of such project announced Hyundai.

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