Audi stopped the production of cars due to a shortage of chips

Audi stopped the production of cars due to a shortage of chips


Audi has completely stopped car production at its main plant in Ingolstadt, Germany, all assembly lines will be idle until at least 30 August. Reported by Spiegel.

One of the lines will not operate due to its conversion to produce the new electric crossover Q6 e-tron, while the rest of the capacity will stop due to a global shortage of microchips. About 6 thousand employees of the enterprise will be transferred to a shorter working day.

In addition, a plant in Neckarsulm, whose 4,000 workers will have to work part-time shifts, will be idle for several days for similar reasons. Plus, Audi already plans to introduce shorter working days and several unplanned weekends in September.

The volume of production of automotive components has decreased due to the new wave of the coronavirus pandemic and restrictive measures imposed on component manufacturers in different countries. Plus, the massive downtime of car factories in the spring and summer of last year, due to which orders were reduced, and now the industry was not ready for a sharp resumption of demand, is affecting everything.

In the first half of 2021, due to interruptions in the supply of components, Audi was unable to produce about 50 thousand vehicles for which orders had already been placed.

Other premium manufacturers from Germany are also experiencing problems with the production of cars. So, due to the lack of microchips, BMW can produce 70-90 thousand cars less compared to the plan for 2021. At the same time, at the moment, all enterprises of the Bavarian brand are operating normally and do not experience problems with the supply of components.

On Thursday, August 19, it became known that Toyota will be forced to cut its production volumes by about 40% in September due to the global shortage of automotive components. The production cut will affect all 15 Japanese Toyota plants and 27 of 28 production lines. The crisis will affect all key markets of the automaker, including Japan, USA, Europe, China and other Asian countries.

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