Audi tests a new method of staining the body

Audi tests a new method of staining the body


The new process is more environmentally friendly, economical, easy for employees, and significantly increases the quality of the painting.

In his own painting workshop in Hungary Audi is testing a new method of staining the body. First, before painting, the car applied a paste-like sealing material on the seams. It is good for acoustics, protects against rust and seals the cabin. Thanks to this method, the company will not have problems with selection of a thickness of the applied material, and the sealer will be applied to the body much faster and better.

Innovation is known as digital compression. Robots direct super thin jets of the material with the highest precision. Pre-trained system specialists to adjust the width of the jet for the application. Outside of the body does not leaves almost no debris, so it is cheaper, and the weight of the car is reduced by a few pounds due to the small thickness of the layer. Any weight reduction is good for aerodynamics and reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


This method is useful for employees because their work is greatly simplified. Due to the high precision application of the seal process saves time and improves quality.

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