Audi unveils another electric car

Audi unveils another electric car


The Audi Shanghai Concept is likely a premium version of the Volkswagen ID.6 electric seven-seater crossover.

The Audi brand made a surprise for the visitors of the Shanghai Motor Show. In addition to the electric sportsback A6 e-tron, a camouflaged crossover with a simple Audi Concept Shanghai signature and an unambiguous electromobile design like a closed fake radiator grill was presented at the stand.

What is this is not entirely clear. But judging by the dimensions of the novelty, we have an extended version of the electric crossover Audi Q4 e-tron.

It is worth explaining that Chinese consumers are happy to buy, firstly, elongated cars, and secondly, cars with additional passenger seats. For example, in the Middle Kingdom there is even an extended version of the A4 petrol sedan.

At the same Shanghai Motor Show, Volkswagen unveiled an extended version of the all-electric ID.4 crossover, dubbed the ID.6. This is a car that boasts either six or seven seats.

Ships all over, under the name Audi Concept Shanghai, there is a similar electric car under the Audi brand. If so, we can assume the same specifications as Volkswagen ID.6.

So, we have a 58 or 77 kilowatt-hour battery and a power reserve of more than 500 kilometers according to the optimistic NEDC measurement system adopted in China. Interestingly, the Volkswagen ID.6 has a maximum total power of the front and rear electric motors of 306 hp, while the soplatform Audi Q4 e-tron has only 294 hp.

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