Audi unveils prototype 300-kilowatt fast charging


Audi presented the world with the concept of high-speed charging for electric cars with a capacity of 300 kW. The first such charging stations will appear in Germany in the summer of 2021. It is assumed that such devices will be used at night in order not to load the local power grid.

Charging stations of this capacity will use containers with lithium-ion batteries, allowing Audi to flexibly configure charging points. One such container can simultaneously charge up to 6 electric cars.

A pre-order charging service will be available for Audi electric vehicle owners.

According to the company Audi, which will launch about 20 new electric cars on the market in the coming years, its own network of high-speed charging stations will allow their cars to sell better – after all, the issue of charging electric cars is currently the most pressing issue.

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