Audi will bring to Shanghai his new AI model:me

Audi will bring to Shanghai his new AI model:me

The concept of the Audi AI:Me, declassified ahead of Shanghai premiere, demonstrates a new approach to the creation of a city electric vehicle is a compact, affordable, comfortable and very smart.

The engineers at Audi decided that the urban transport of the future don’t need a huge battery, providing a week-long power reserve. The ability of a hurricane to disperse citicard is also useless, as the ability to withstand considerable overload in the turns. Therefore, the hatchback Audi AI:Me adapted to most typical cycle of operation in Metropolitan areas, where there is always the ability to recharge the battery, and the speed within the range from 20 to 70 km/h.

In fact, it means “sepulchres” platform MEB, 65-kW battery and only 170-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle. But when you create the interior specialists Audi tried to realize the so-called “third living space”: according to the Germans, saloon car, given the amount held in this time, you should think of it like this – on a par with home and office.

Hence the comfortable chairs of the shell with textile finish under standard home furniture, a huge amount of space, cookware set with magnetic holders and a wide choice of online services: passengers in the Audi AI:Me is available not only voice control multimedia capabilities, but VR glasses augmented reality system. For a visual display of what is happening is also in OLED monitor, stretching along the entire front. In Association with a living room are also original finish walnut wood and living vines in the cabin.

For the amount of free space is first and foremost the layout of the concept: with a length of 4.3 m, it automatically falls into the compact class, but thanks to a flat floor and a wheelbase of 2,77 m Audi AI:Me features a cabin comparable to the volume of a car a class above. The amount of space and maybe a few to grow: it provides the steering wheel and pedals, hiding in the front panel. Audi AI:Me having a system of Autonomous control level 4 and capable of almost completely independent movement.

About serial prospects of the concept are not yet known. Audi has just announced the intention to present at the autumn fair in Frankfurt one more development that will close the range of electric prototypes. At the moment it consists of AI:Me, as well as the concepts of the Aicon and PB 18.