Audi will reduce to 9.5 thousand jobs in Germany by 2025

Audi will reduce to 9.5 thousand jobs in Germany by 2025


It is argued that the decision, officially announced today, will free up 6 billion euros for investment in innovative products and digital technologies.

Audi employs about 62,000 workers in her home country, which means that by 2025 about 15% of its workforce will disappear. However, it will extend a guarantee of employment for its “core labour force” until 2029, and States that the distribution of profits between workers will continue. He will also continue to recruit for new jobs.

Audi said: “the Company needs to become fit and prepared for the future, which means that some profiles are no longer needed and will be created new. That is why Audi is systematically investing in future-oriented qualification measures for employees and, consequently, the future of the two sites in Germany “.

In recent months, profit has increased dramatically, as Audi prepares huge factories in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, with a total annual capacity of 675 000 units of electric vehicles. Higher than average personnel costs and a significant investment in research and development cited as reasons for the reduction.

Earlier this month, a competitor to the Audi Daimler confirmed that it will cut 10% of managerial roles to save 1.3 billion euros (of 1.11 billion pounds) of staff costs. At that time the parent company Mercedes-Benz has warned that the deployment of electrification will cause significant damage to its profits until at least 2021.

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