Audi will stop production of new cars with DVS

Audi will stop production of new cars with DVS


Audi will present the last ICE car in its history in 2026.

The chairman of the board of directors and chief engineer of Audi, Markus Düsmann, at a meeting with top managers and representatives of the trade union, said that in 2026 the company should fully complete the development of cars with internal combustion engines. After this period, Audi will concentrate on creating cars with electric power plants.

In March 2021, Markus Düsmann already announced that Audi has completed the development of new gasoline and diesel engines that operate without auxiliary electrical units. At the same time, the engineer said that Audi will continue to improve the current internal combustion engines to meet the new eco-standards in Europe.

As expected, the last “big” power unit in the history of Audi will be the petrol W12, which will be equipped with the most luxurious version of the A8 sedan. The car will be produced under the Horch brand.

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