Audio Brabham: like the sound of $250 thousand.

Audio Brabham: like the sound of $250 thousand.


Company Brabham Automotive, which in 2018 submitted its first track hypercar BT62, I decided to try myself in a completely different area – the creation of audio systems. Together with the Australian company Kyron Audio, developing premium amplifiers and speakers, Brabham presented high-quality acoustics cost 249 319 dollars.

The audio system was designed in the style BT62 top of the line “stuffing” from Kyron called Phoenix. It includes eight amplifiers with a power of 700 watts and two subwoofers 1500 watts. Each component is designed from scratch and Kyron and manufactured with precision machinery to own the company. Assembling of all columns is carried out manually.

According to co-founder and chief designer Kyron Lee gray, with the sound of the audio system can be compared only to a live performance of musicians. “Just as BT62 redefining supercar possibilities, our system allows like no other, a thrilling experience,” he described gray’s collaboration with Brabham.


Hypercar BT62 from Brabham is equipped with a 5.4-liter atmospheric “eight” power of 710 horsepower and 667 lb-ft of torque working together with a six-speed sequential gearbox Holinger. From standstill to first “hundred” BT62 accelerates in 2.7 seconds. The maximum speed is 320 kilometers per hour.

Originally hypercar was intended only for track, but in early 2019 Brabham introduced its ground version. Adaptation BT62 in the car for public roads was estimated at 150 000 pounds. In the racing Competition version of the price BT62 750 000 pounds.

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