Australians have come up with a powerbank for electric vehicles

Australians have come up with a powerbank for electric vehicles


Australian startup Re:Start has created a mobile battery for charging electric cars away from stations. According to The Driven, the young Melbourne-based company has just found investors and is now ready to turn into a reality a development that is something like a power bank for cars. True, batteries will not be handed out: emergency charging can be ordered through a mobile application.

Later this year, Re:Start batteries will begin supplying local emergency services to rescue motorists stuck on the road for one reason or another, including lack of fuel. Just as gasoline is shared with owners of ICE cars, electricity will be shared with drivers on electric cars.

According to the developers, the device works several times faster than analogues from other manufacturers and has a special patented design specifically for road use. So, the standard module will only take six minutes to replenish the battery of an electric car for 20 kilometers – this should be enough to get to the nearest charging station.

In the future, in addition to emergency services, Re:Start chargers will carry a special service on the roads. The service can be ordered through a mobile application, and the company is going to make it cheaper than the cost of gasoline. It can come in handy for those owners of battery cars who do not have the opportunity to install charging at home, as well as those who want to recharge an electric car in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, in several countries where electric vehicles are especially popular, roads are being built with a built-in charger. Last year, such a road was successfully tested in Sweden, but there are many technical and regulatory issues to be resolved before widespread use.

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