Australia’s hidden camera will start to fine drivers with smartphones

Australia’s hidden camera will start to fine drivers with smartphones


The authorities of the Australian state of New South Wales will spend about $ 60 million for the organization of a new system of traffic cameras indoor. Using the equipment will fine drivers using mobile phones while driving. This publication reports Fast Company.

The state government has already organized on the road system 45 masked complexes of a new type – both fixed and mobile. Each device will be of the two cameras and the computer. The first camera captures the vehicle number, while the second monitors the driver’s face. If the system recognises the motorist with a mobile gadget in hand, he will be fined in the amount of $ 235 for careless driving.


Government of New South Wales tested the new system for six months, checking about 8.5 million vehicles. During this time there were more than 100 thousand offenders who typed messages or through social networks. Reported cases, when the driver asked the passenger to hold the steering wheel while he was typing.

The head of the local Ministry of transport said Andrew Constance said the government does not aim to collect more fines from the population. The challenge is about the suggestion drivers the idea that they can be fined for inconsiderate driving at any time.

Road complexes with the same purpose have also begun to test in the UK. They use special sensors that recognize drivers who use mobile phones while driving without devices hands-free.


The system is able to recognize the network of 2G, 3G and 4G as well as Bluetooth signal. In that case, if it does not log the activity of Bluetooth Protocol, it concludes that the phone is used without a wireless device. Then, at the information signs along the road signal appears with a crossed-out phone.

How to evaluate such innovations – positive or negative?

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