Australia’s Only McLaren 675LT Coupe for Sale!

Australia’s Only McLaren 675LT Coupe for Sale!


Thanks to McLaren Sydney for the 675LT, which is the only coupe available in Australia! I visit my little sister who lives in Sydney and Nik pops in at the annual Ferrari Australia Concours.Follow me on:Nico’s Instagram @dammnn_batm4nArthur Instagram @arthurkekatos

what’s up its super Colombia and I’m in Sydney and I hear my next car being delivered it’s just coming to the hotel now from Trebek bespoke we’re getting a crew and it is a white in 75 llt it’s thought all these instances well extra practice so after works for Trivette bespoke and he is the man of the hour bringing me in the fact that’s all yours so hand over the key mate yeah enjoy oh my god people so so much this isn’t just factory standard we’ve got some extras going on oh yes but it’s loaded blows this is a very special LT to pay actually this is the only case is you only call it a wholesale in Australia yeah as number six to six and five hundred factory clubs four pack gloss wheels right let’s go the temple all right while you’re washing there we go so by the way my sister lives in Sydney and we’ve been travelling for the last three weeks and we’re just gonna bring over our washing in the McLaren and see if she’ll do our washing or anything you put this yeah it’s good enough for a blow to washing right we’ll have to see oh man that’s funny good easy oh by the way we just learned she just fire extinguisher yeah that’s an added option somewhat so with the fire extinguisher the race seatbelts and the roll cage is the $13,000 extra okay washing in it’s gone so this is the 675lt so the rims are not factory because they’re got a gloss on it the cool thing is with the cops for you have a roll cage right in there look at these bucket seats with these awesome seat belts I’ve just asked Arthur so you’ve driven this car before but can you compare it to the 650s like how would you compare and he said the 650s is basically a Rolls Royce compared to this car meaning the 650s is super luxurious and comfortable in comparison to this car this is a really sporty race car so we’re gonna feel every bump in the road I’m interested to see how it really differs okay so oh my goodness the seat is really tight okay goodnight dinners not in stupid I want that vegan way you’ve been traveling putting a few new key found come on Dicky not found working magic you approach the car with gentle care Oh with gentle care is that it give it some more okay will recognize it straightaway whisper sweet nothings in it here is clearly press the button and use the actual P to press on the star part I really like that so I mean show me I never knew that so when it says he not found you actually going to start the car with the key good trick tonight let’s grab a Kate’s place in Hanoi all the name did you go to remind me to stay on the left-hand side of the photo yeah are you doing is the beautiful sister O’Fallon I know right oh there she is oh my goodness you know what you’re waking up to this view anyway imagine when you don’t have to imagine we do it hazy nice place to do awful I know right could you guys get the washing machine ready they’ll be great thing good morning guys so I’m taking over to vlog for today because alex is not feeling too well and yeah she’s got to stay in bed so she needs some rest we’re just in double bed and Sydney at the moment and we’re heading to a Ferrari concourse and we’re gonna see a few cool cars and see what we can spot so just bear with me I know I draw to see her but hey that’s what it is all right there’s Nico coming my pickup for today in the f12 nigo honey wait is that a stock EFT or no I’ve done a few mods to this I’ve got if I exhaust but actually the muffler’s stock okay because obviously when this is a trace burning pretty much hypothesis yeah I changed the cat vomit experience the MCA sides and the rear wing is from Japan or water polo chain so with the front lip nice they’re paying you all to say that stuff so this is the Ferrari concourse that we’re going to a little thing in the Ferrari decides it’s the New South Wales and a state which is Canberra okay Nash is the annual concours display of judging okay I’m not going for those guys any like stars ton oh there we go night Tommy’s coming tunnel all right windows down it’s outsole not like somebody’s ripping up like a million bad days so different to like an Aventador sound right yeah happy Aventadors more it’s actually more bassy this yeah exactly exactly very ggressive Mako’s famous in Sydney ludis policy Enosh spotlight please plate man little worried for a day and gold here make a wall what’s the story on this one here so people think this one’s a people think this is a job but it’s not it is a speciality or it is a special with the painted roof yeah and the stripes these are niki lauda yeah look at this roof so he’s your he’s our neighbor yeah he’s got a he’s got a and he’s got BB or something like that how much do you pay for a single letter play here then I trade that often but here the more valuable ones are the numbers only the plate number to solve a 2.4 million she send up to buy holy moly it’s phenomenal so how does she sound sounds fantastic this bit about straight pipes well got my flow sounds lovely I’m gonna get wrapped up cars are driving out Nico you’re ready to leave soon damn straight I am can’t say damn on this camera I know hold on she’s not here let’s hey Dad ready to God listen to what a real Ferrari sounds like oh you behave like a Lambo drive any guy all right yeah I find again follow it’s not told off mate got told off alright guys that’s it I hope you enjoyed this make sure to LIKE and subscribe to this channel and yeah that’s it for today see you guys later

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