Austrian startup Alveri will release a new electric car

Austrian startup Alveri will release a new electric car


Startup Alveri from the Austrian town of Ried im Innkrais is essentially more like an online aggregator that brings together various services for owners of electric cars and rechargeable hybrids. The list of services includes buying and selling, navigation through charging stations and maintenance points, as well as building a more successful route, etc.

Now Alveri wants not only to help motorists: the startup is working on its own electric car. It is known that it will be a four-wheel drive station wagon for five seats, whose length will reach about 4.75 meters. The electric car will be driven by two electric motors at once with a return of about 400 hp. In conjunction with them, an 80 kWh battery works.

Without recharging, the car will travel up to 590 kilometers, the developers assure. And it can be dispersed to a hundred in just 4.8 seconds. The basis for the new Austrian electric car will be a purchased platform. The startup is likely to choose Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

Other contenders include Tesla and Canoo carts.

Alveri is also looking for a suitable production site for its electric car. The Austrians are not going to build their own plant for this. The electric car will be named Alveri Falco. He will receive a completely original body, interior and, more importantly, the software developed by the brand. The estimated price of the car is 49,900 euros.

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