Auto Bild selected the best models of summer tyres of size 225/45 R17

Auto Bild selected the best models of summer tyres of size 225/45 R17

The prestigious German newspaper has once again tested a few dozen summer tires and determined the top three, which includes premium products with big names.

The jury Auto Bild has worked hard and appreciated the quality of 53 sets of tires in different price categories. The tests were carried out in several stages. The result was the finalists in the size 225/45 R17, which is considered the standard for small cars.

Evaluation criteria of tires

Key to the evaluation was the performance of the braking distance on dry and wet roads. While defining the leaders test the expert group took into account the results of the longitudinal and lateral aquaplaning, handling, and lateral stability on wet road surface. Taking into account the noise, handling on dry pavement, and, importantly, the ratio of the value of the rail occurs. Because buyers are interested not only in the operating characteristics of the products, but also the economic side of the question.

Fresh test has shown that the ratio of the value of/the need for first places were taken by Indian tyre brand Apollo, the Slovenian company Sava and the German manufacturer Continental. If tire products Continental almost every year is in the top three, then the appearance among the favorites in this category of tyres Apollo Aspire XP was a complete surprise.

The leaders of the rating

Test results for summer tyres 2019 once again proved that the products of the premium segment still holds a leading position and shows excellent results on all stages of testing. The expert group has awarded the victory to the most expensive asymmetrical Michelin Pilot Sport tires 4. The first place tires have received for accuracy and speed of response for steering and excellent maneuverability on wet and dry road surfaces, long life, comfort, speed and low noise. However, even in such a seemingly perfect tire, there are drawbacks — high cost and higher rolling resistance.

Company French tire with a sporty character made Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, which is located on the second level of the podium, and trailing the top three favorites products — Falken Azenis FK 510 and the Hankook Ventus S1 evo 3 K127. Among the disadvantages of these three models, the average level of comfort and mileage. A positive evaluation kits received for efficient braking on a wet track, steering precision, agility and maintaining a high-grip tyres in a wide range of temperatures.

Although Continental and Fulda took 4th and 5th places respectively, they have maintained a rating of “exemplary” and the prestigious title of “Eco-master”.

Summing up the test, note that for high levels of handling, maneuverability and mileage motorists will have to pay a lot. However, the production of an average price category in the near future can compete with the modern leaders.

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