Auto mask: Honda’s new development

Auto mask: Honda’s new development


Honda has developed an antiviral mask for the car’s interior filter. Representatives of the brand claim that it is able to catch up to 99 percent of viruses transmitted through the air.

When developing a new product called Kurumask (“car maskĀ») Honda collaborated with a group of engineers preparing special vehicles to transport patients with COVID-19. Kurumask works just like a regular mask. You just need to put it on the cabin filter, and the mask will not lose its effectiveness during the year.

Testing of the novelty was carried out on a key car Honda N-Box, the climate control of which worked in recirculation mode. Tests have shown that Kurumask removes 99.8 percent of airborne virus droplets in 15 minutes, and 99.9 percent in 24 hours. Honda does not provide data on the effectiveness of the mask in the case of coronavirus.

At the moment, the antiviral mask is only available for the Honda N-Box model. It is expected that in the future it will become available for other cars of the brand.

The cost of Kurumask in Japan is 7,040 yen (about $ 70).

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