Autocycle: a new SAIC product

Autocycle: a new SAIC product


The London design studio of the Chinese company SAIC has published images of the “vehicle of the future.” This is the R RYZR concept car, which combines the advantages of a car and a motorcycle.

So, the R RYZR concept is an unusual capsule on wheels, devoid of a roof and doors. Instead of the top, the concept has one narrow pylon that plays the role of a stiffener, and the driver and passenger are in cradles that are suspended on its sides.

The concept car is equipped with 4 wheels, with the front wheels spaced wider than the rear, but the wheels on the rear axle are much larger. Apparently, they are the leading ones, although the technical parameters of the R RYZR have not yet been named: it is only known that it is electric. Given that the concept car is called a hybrid of a car and a motorcycle, it can be assumed that it can bend in corners like a two-wheeled vehicle.

Together with R RYZR, the designers have released a project of special clothing: a driver’s jacket, which serves as a kind of identification mark for on-board systems. The concept car can recognize the driver’s presence by his clothing, and thus unlock the vehicle controls. That is, the driver is relieved of the need to use a traditional key or a smartphone app.

The developers argue that the R RYZR concept could be an alternative to the current crowded public transport. In addition, this concept is designed to provide its driver with a previously unseen driving experience. Serial prospects of the R RYZR concept have not been announced. Carl Gotham, one of the designers at SAIC Design Advanced London, described the concept as “exploring the unconventional vehicles of the future.”

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