Automakers complain about patent disputes, delays the development of the automotive industry

Automakers complain about patent disputes, delays the development of the automotive industry


A number of manufacturers of connected cars has written to the European Commission a letter of complaint about the delay in the development of the industry due to patent disputes.


Is at the beginning of the article tell about the different types of patents that are issued in the European Union — SEP and FRAND. SEP are standard basic patents, which can be regarded as the founding document of a specific person or organization, but, according to industry representatives, must be licensed to all on “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory” (FRAND) basis.

We mention this because of a letter that 27 companies submitted to the European Commission this week regarding the limitations that some patent holders impose on their SEP, and how these limitations affect the connected and Autonomous vehicles. In the letter it goes, including on smart grids, smart homes and smart meters. When it comes to connected cars, the Alliance fair standards (which supports processing the SEP FRAND) said that the SEP “is necessary to create products of wireless technologies for the next generation” and when the patent holders do not follow FRAND policies, they are increasingly undermines “the competitiveness of these important highly innovative industries and already detrimental to technological innovation in Europe.”

The letter calls for the creation of a business environment in which the owners of patents are fairly paid for their intellectual property on “competitive and dynamic European market.” Instead, when some owners SEP issue licenses only to certain companies, not anyone in the supply chain that can pay, it deprives the company of the ability to plan their investments in research and development, and production.

This practice inhibits innovation, prevents access to new markets and connects suppliers with regular customers, — the letter says.

Ford, Daimler and BMW/Mini have signed the letter together with suppliers of automotive components, Continental and Denso, as well as Apple. In the letter was not mentioned what was the “some owners SEP”, but Daimler said Car and Driver, what the company calls problems Nokia.

Currently, some patent holders refuse to license its standard-essential patents on reasonable and nondiscriminatory terms and conditions. One example is Nokia, which still refused to comprehensively and directly license our suppliers on essential patents for Telecom standards. Overall, must be achieved a condition that ensures the competitiveness of innovative European industries, as well as appropriate compensation to patent owners for what they have invented, — stated in the message of Daimler.


Earlier this month, news Agency Reuters reported that Daimler and Nokia have agreed to mediation in their dispute over licensing fees for technology patents, which include navigation systems, Autonomous vehicles and communication between vehicles.

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