Automakers, stay: the new rules Euro NCAP

Automakers, stay: the new rules Euro NCAP


European organization Euro NCAP has announced the major update of the protocols of testing of cars over the last decade. Until the end of the year the program crash tests there will be several new tests, including the simulation of a collision of compact machines with a larger.

The main innovation will be the transition from the collision with the displacement of the deformable barrier (ODB) to the impact of the mobile barrier with the progressive deformation (MPDB). Under the new test car at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour is directed to a barrier installed on the truck with mass 1400 kg, is moving forward with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. The overlap is 50 percent. Test simulates a collision between the test machine and the typical family car of medium size.

The current programme of crash tests Euro NCAP includes the simulation of frontal impact, side impact and rear impact; evaluation of the level of protection for child passengers, pedestrians and other road users, as well as the testing of various electronic systems: speed limiter, emergency brake function and retention in the band.


In addition, the new rules will be the so-called test for long-distance passengers. It is included in the list not only for the evaluation of the protection of the driver during a side impact, but the risk of collision with the front passenger. More points for the test will receive cars, equipped with Central side airbag – it is already set, for example, in Genesis and Volkswagen GV80 ID.3. According to statistics, the share of secondary injuries caused by the collision of the driver and passenger, is 45 per cent (data from the Association of European automakers).

In addition, Euro NCAP will complicate tests of automatic braking – there will be tests simulating accidents at intersections, and complexes of monitoring the status of the driver. So, the organization will begin to assess “posturing security”: the work of the modules of the emergency call eCall, interlock door locks and it’s also easy to get out of the car after the accident.

Another key innovation will be the dummy THOR-50M production Humanetics imitating adult male “mid-size”. Mannequin is more sensitive to different influences and equipped with sensors that registered the possible damage to internal organs.

Approve the new Euro NCAP tests?

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