Automatic matrix charging for electric cars


According to China Auto News, the Chinese company NEVC has decided to join forces with the Austrian firm Easelink to develop a new type of charging for electric cars.

As the Central news service notes, the new product is positioned as a “matrix” charging system and will be a system of two devices: the Matrix Charging pad and the Connect Tentacle car unit.

The essence of the new device is as follows: the electric car will drive to the appropriate place in the Parking lot, after which the owner of the vehicle can go on his own business, while the charging contact pad will rise in automatic mode and connect to the answer part on the bottom of the car. After that, the electric car will start charging directly.

The advantages of the new device include minimal human contact with various surfaces, which reduces the risk of infection with various viruses, and the speed of contact charging in comparison with wireless charging stations. There is no information yet on when the working prototype of the new charge will be demonstrated.

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