Automotive industry in Italy is experiencing unprecedented fall

Automotive industry in Italy is experiencing unprecedented fall


The automotive market in Italy falls for second month in a row: in January it fell by 5.9%, and last February by 8.8% to 162 793 vehicles, according to Ukravtoprom.

The main cause of problems in the auto business in the Apennines is the rapid spread of the disease COVID-19. Italy became the second country in the world in the number of cases of a new type of coronavirus after China. As a consequence, the activity of private buyers last February fell 19%, corporate clients — 23%. The fall is partly compensated only to the rental company and carsharing services that are acquired, respectively, 17% and 19% more cars.

In the coming months, according to analysts, Italy will continue and perhaps even intensify the negative trend in car sales, which according to the result of the year will not exceed 1.5 million cars.


In addition to the fall sales, the Italians began to experience serious disruptions in supply of parts and components that could not affect the operation of the factories.

Thus, the Italian Ferrari company temporarily stopped production supercars on the grounds in Maranello and Modena.

The Ferrari management have decided to take a break until March 27, and temporarily stop the Assembly of supercars. And at the same time to protect employees from possible infection with coronavirus and further spread of infection.

Prior to that, Lamborghini has closed its factory in Sant’agata Bolognese. The company announced the suspension of the release of the supercar for two weeks, until March 25, despite the fact that the Italian authorities allowed the local producers to stop work under the condition that they will take additional security measures.


The head of the brand, Stefano Domenicali called the action “an act of social responsibility” against the extreme situation in the country caused by the spread of the virus.

Fiat has suspended Assembly of cars at several companies. And largest automobile dealer Italy for the first time in 55 year history closed car dealerships across the country.

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