Automotive starter in 70mai – the most important PowerBank for the acumulator of your car


On the cob, 2021, he will have a drink at the car starter from the 70mai company in Ukraine. In the DC Link Group company, which exclusively distributes TM, the reasons for its popularity are severe frosts, as well as the fierce ones, the starters themselves and the budget segment of car devices.

Two most popular models are presented on the Ukrainian market – Jump Starter 11100mAh Midriver PS0 and Jump Starter Max 18000mAh Midrive PS06. Offensive models ergonomic, hopeful and insured for the mittuvian launch of a car battery, which is like a raptor charge.

Midriver PS01 is practical for cars with a motor up to 4 liters, and you can run the battery up to 40 times without recharging. Strum at the start of the warehouse – 250 A, peak – up to 600 A. The hour for starting the battery is a few seconds, the battery capacity is 11100 mA per year

Midrive PS06 is much more demanding and has been insured for recharging vans, vans and microbuses. Maximum flow 1000 A, storage battery 18000 mA per year. Before the set of offenders accumulators include intellectual creeps – the stench captures boosters from a short flicker, overexertion and overload.

Starter the lichtarik in three light modes – the extraordinary, the sleep mode and the SOS. You can also charge smartphones, tablets and cameras via the USB port. Run at a temperature of minus 20 ° C and wait to supply energy to the engine of any car.

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