Autopilot: not a gimmick, and a must-have!


Automakers are increasingly introducing in their cars a variety of support systems for automatic control of the vehicle. If earlier, inspired by the success of the Corporation is Tesla, the company did not allow drivers to take your hands off the wheel for a long time, now, for example, the same Tesla that day in and day perfecting your autopilot, this rule goes by the wayside.


It’s no wonder manufacturers are trying to make a profit spent on the development of Autonomous control for vehicles money. The study shows the automotive market, drivers gradually turn into users – no matter how much it will cost to have autopilot, they will still order.

Neither in one state, there are elaborate regulations about Autonomous driving. In particular, it is unclear who will be responsible in case of accident, resulting in harm to life and health. Perhaps that is why Tesla cars require that the driver kept hands on the wheel, while technology already allows the computer to fully operate the machine at least on motorways.


Another obstacle to the legalization of autopilots is a lack of standards and common terminology. Different manufacturers give different names to their systems and gives them different capabilities. But even in this matter until the end can not agree, the Supervisory authorities of the United States, where some call autopilot “hands-free”, others “active driving assistance”, while others – generally “continuous driving without assistance of driver.” Everything else, insurance companies are also showing caution in the insurance of modern machines, stating that they needed more data on the work of Autonomous driving, to determine the cost of insurance.

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