“Autopilot” on the European Tesla Model 3 was reduced

“Autopilot” on the European Tesla Model 3 was reduced

European customers Tesla finally waited in the wings and the first Model 3 has already received to its owners.

But here’s the thing, the autopilot in this model is not approved in Europe, respectively, to use it as of yet.

Why do regulatory agencies not approved if the system works almost the same as in Model S and Model X?

The thing is that the autopilot Model 3 Americans used some other equipment that is not officially tested and is not registered in Europe.

“At the moment the autopilot is not part of the originally approved Tesla Model 3,” said officials.

However, to survive the Europeans should not have. As it became known, the regulator has already conducted testing of the system and obtaining appropriate document authorizing the use of only a matter of time.

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