Autopilot Tesla dodged one accident, but immediately got into another (video)

Autopilot Tesla dodged one accident, but immediately got into another (video)


On a highway in the U.S. accident involving Dodge Durango SUV and Tesla. Electric car with autopilot system was able to Dodge the collision with the trailer, but this time it rammed an American SUV.

Judging by the presented pictures, the electric car was moving on autopilot in your lane. At some point in the area marked with an electronic system Tesla, for a moment, moved the trailer, carrying large construction equipment. Autopilot electric responded immediately to a dangerous situation by pressing on the brake pedal, so that “Tesla” was able to avoid a crash with a semitrailer.


However, behind the electric car, not keeping distance, moving SUV Dodge Durango. As a result of sudden braking of the Tesla driver of the Dodge did not have time to react and to brake in time. The car drove into the rear part of the electric vehicle, and along the way hooked a hybrid Toyota Prius, which was moving in the adjacent lane.

The time of the collision was removed on-Board video recorder mounted on another electric car Tesla, which was moving behind the participants of the accident. In result of road accident the driver received various injuries.

In early July, the Network appeared the video, which the Tesla electric car, moving on autopilot, was able to Dodge flying tires. After a sharp maneuver the electric car quickly stabilized and returned to its lane.

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