Autopilot Tesla nimbly dodged a flying wheel

Autopilot Tesla nimbly dodged a flying wheel


In a Network there was video, captured on the onboard recorder of an electric car Tesla Model 3: the camera detected the vehicle when operating the autopilot quickly responded to the traffic situation and deftly dodged a flying tyre.

According to the driver, the autopilot reacted to the flying wheel faster and has gone from a collision, thereby avoiding a serious accident. After a sharp maneuver the electric car quickly stabilized and returned to its lane. Published frames can not see from which machine flew off the lid, but it happened right in the middle of the freeway.


The Tesla autopilot is not always possible such impressive maneuvers. For example, in April of this year electrocare Model 3 failed to Dodge a collision with a pickup truck that skidded on a wet road. Then the driver said that he hit the brakes, “without waiting for the response of the autopilot”.

Most of the incidents with the American electric car brand written by the system TeslaCam. It includes a set of cameras located on the rear fenders on both sides of the electric vehicle, on the windshield and aft, which perform the function of the DVR. The video is from several points.

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