AutoX’s Robotxy ahead of Tesla

AutoX’s Robotxy ahead of Tesla


Chinese brand AutoX, which produces self-driving taxis and commercial vehicles, has unveiled the fifth generation of autopilots for its cars in Shanghai, according to Chinese Cars.

AutoX Gen 5 vehicles will be equipped with 50 different sensors, 28 cameras, 6 lidars, 4 radars with a total coverage of 360 degrees around the car, and a control unit with a 2200 TOPS processor. For comparison, Tesla’s autopilot operates at 144 TOPS (1 TOPS – Trillion Operations Per Second).

It took AutoX 2.5 years to develop the Gen5 autopilot. As noted in the company, the autopilot was tested for six months in different climatic and road conditions, proving its effectiveness and safety. AutoX said that the most technical challenge was developing a suitable processor to control the system. More details about its new autopilot will be unveiled by AutoX at the World Exhibition for Artificial Intelligence, which opens on July 9th.

Note that AutoX was one of the first companies that were allowed to launch a taxi service in China without the presence of a driver inside the car. Thus, 25 self-driving minivans Chrysler Pacifica were allowed to work in Shenzhen in January this year. In addition to Chrysler and BYD cars, the autopilot is also planned to be installed on Honda: AutoX and the Japanese automaker have already signed a cooperation agreement.

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