Available crossover Chery surprised expensive salon

Available crossover Chery surprised expensive salon


A former budget sub-brand of Chery is preparing to launch a new compact SUV. According to preliminary data, the basis for the model took Tiggo 4.

From mark Cowin established in 2014 specially for the production of inexpensive cars, Chery got rid of last year a controlling stake was sold to a firm of the government of the province Yibin, and Wuliangye Group structures (Chinese wine producer). The reason – the low demand. So, the best year for Cowin was 2016, when implemented 43,000 car (a planned 63 000).

Today the product line included only three models: the E3 sedans, SUVs X3 and X5 – that is slightly turned Chery Bonus 3, Tiggo (in the range of Chery replaced the cross then came Tiggo 3) and Tiggo 5, respectively. And next year they will be joined by a single crossover. Moreover, the cooperation with Chery, apparently is ongoing, according to preliminary data, the basis for new items have Tiggo 5x, which we have called the Tiggo 4.

The first sketches of a compact SUV mark Cowin distributed in November, the model is still factory index FX11. Now it became known that the plant in China began production of bodies, images from the company disseminated by the local media. In addition, Cowin himself has declassified the interior of the SUV.

So, the car in the picture is quite different from the donor Chery Tiggo 5x: cross got different grille and bumpers, head optics with L-shaped led accents and “floating” roof and tail lights are interconnected not only chrome plate, like the cherry, but a glowing strip. It is unknown how changes to the dimensions. Tiggo have 5x the length is equal 4338/4358 mm (depending on version), the wheelbase is 2630 mm.


In the cabin FX11 – new front panel and a virtual “tidy”, there was “truncated” to the steering wheel. The Central air vents are now located under the touchscreen multimedia system, others did and the unit climate control. In the list of equipment still projection display.

About technology its new cross, Cowin said. However, she’ll probably go with the model Chery. Standard 5x Tiggo in China is presented with petrol atmospheric “Quartet” of 1.5 with a power of 116 HP, which is paired with a five-speed “mechanics” or CVT. In the homeland of the SUV Chery also has a special version of the Hero under the hood of the cross a “turboservice” 1.5 with a return of 156 HP, it is coupled with a robotic gearbox with two clutches. Drive the same in either case, only the front.

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Outside of China, the cars don’t sell Cowin, plans to bring the brand to other markets yet.

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