Avatr 11: new crossover Changan and Huawei

Avatr 11: new crossover Changan and Huawei


Chinese car maker Changan and local tech giant Huawei and lithium-ion battery maker CATL have jointly unveiled their new Avatr 11 electric crossover.

Externally, the car attracts attention with its futuristic appearance with a swift silhouette, a sloping roofline and door handles hidden in the body, which exit at the moment when the driver approaches the car. According to the developers, Avatr 11 in terms of design is 99% consistent with how the production version of this SUV will look like.

The model is based on the new CHN platform, designed specifically for electric crossovers. The car belongs to the segment of full-size SUVs and will be equipped with such benefits of civilization as an autonomous control system, as well as a capacious 200 kWh battery.

From one place to the first “hundred” Avatr 11 is able to accelerate in just four seconds. The interior of the car was not shown, but they promised that they would reveal all the details about the new model later.

Serial production of the new electric crossover from Changan and Huawei will begin in the second quarter of 2022. According to unofficial information, the bodies of the first test cars have already been welded.

The Avart 11 crossovers will be produced by the Changan plant, and the newly formed Avatr Technology will be engaged in their sales.

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