“AvtoVAZ” has released the first Lada XRAY Cross with a CVT

“AvtoVAZ” has released the first Lada XRAY Cross with a CVT

With the help of the Japanese from Jatco, AVTOVAZ began to equip their vehicles continuously variable transmissions. The first variable received a “high hatchback” Xray Cross – but only for one motor.

Variable speed transmission for the “Lad” borrowed from other machines of the Alliance – in particular, the same variable is set on a Renault Kaptur and some models in the Stepway. It is argued that the site is specially designed for cars and small crossover class, and its settings before its integration into the power plant Lada developed with the features of operation in our country.

The design of the CVT comprises a compact two-stage hydrotransformer reducer, which is installed in front of belt drive. This decision will facilitate vehicle operation under load e.g. when towing a trailer or during long ascents. In addition, the use of the gearbox should increase fuel efficiency.

In Togliatti separately note that the reducer is allowed to make the site more and 13% lighter. The introduction of the new powertrain did not have any impact on the weight of Lada Xray Cross, nor the ground clearance, which is 215 mm. also Stipulate that the variable speed hatchback was subjected to a severe test: in the amount of such “ixnei” dashed off about one million test kilometers.

However, to set the variator will only be paired with the 1.6-liter engine Alliance with designation HR-16. He is already known for motor scheme, Lada Xray, but a couple of years ago at AVTOVAZ stopped to pick them hatchback: perhaps already started preparing for the advent of the CVT.

It is known that the motor develops 113 HP and 152 Nm of torque, but the official features of Lada Xray Cross with such power plant has not yet named. Not announced prices and specifications: are promised that data will be made public closer to launch, which is rumored to be scheduled for August. Meanwhile, Lada Xray Cross available on the market only with a 1.8-liter 122-strong unit is paired with 5-speed manual transmission at a price of 11 800$.

According to preliminary data, the Lada Xray Cross will be the first but not the last model with the CVT from Togliatti: the next candidate is supposedly already assigned to Lada Vesta.

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