Baby Cybertruck: small truck for Europe

Baby Cybertruck: small truck for Europe


An electric Tesla pickup truck Cybertruck, while shown only as a prototype, surprising and appearance, and the stated parameters, and the size is not small at all. Its length 5885 mm and a width of 2027 mm. In America probably such a large vehicle, you will find a lot of fans, but on the other side of the Atlantic, some clients scare off it dimensions. Fortunately, the company can develop a smaller version of Cybertrek. This was stated by the head of the company Elon Musk in Twitter. On the question of a potential buyer “a Smaller version for Europe? Don’t want the model Y. I want Cybertruck. Even just a smaller variation for the EU” the chief of Tesla replied, “Very likely in the future.”

Cybertruck conceived in three versions: with one (rear drive), two (four wheel drive) and three electric motors, and acceleration to 97 km/h in 6,5; 4,5 and 2.9 s. these versions vary the range on a charge: 402, 483, and 805 km in the EPA standard.

Cybertruck in its three variations can tow a trailer weighing 3402, and 4536 6350 lbs. lifting Capacity of the truck is equal to 1588 kg.

By the standards of big American pickup trucks Cybertruck still not the overall, however, discussions about its size was already after showing the prototype. Musk even said that the company were thinking of whether to reduce a little the car on the way to becoming a production model. But then Elon said that the final version will retain the dimensions of the source. And it only adds weight to the idea of creating a separate thumbnail version of Cybertrek for European tastes.


And speaking of tastes. Cybertruck looks as if descended from the screen of a fantastic film period 1980-1990 like “blade Runner” or “total Recall”. It separated the audience. Some were ecstatic, while others, such a design was not accepted. So, recently, Musk said that the company has a “Plan B” in case out of the line Cybertruck fail in the market. Tesla to create electric pickup with the traditional look. “If it turns out that nobody wants to buy that old pickup, we will build normal, without any problems”, – said the head of the company. Interesting work, if one company decides to combine these two ideas into one (reduced Cybertruck and a pickup truck with classic good looks).

Tesla has yet to build a plant Cybertruck Gigafactory in Texas, to the end of 2021 start futuristic pick-up on stream. Well, if the idea of Junior Cybertrek will be developed under such a model already has platform: in the process of construction of the Gigafactory plant in Berlin (first there will be launched the SUV Tesla Model Y, but in the future, the list of produced models can be extended).

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