BAC Mono | Car Review

BAC Mono | Car Review


Jeremy straps himself in to the BAC Mono and feels the wind tear his face off! Like the Ariel Atom the BAC Mono has no windshield, but what it lacks in glass it makes up for in speed!Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

it’s called the mono pen it’s amazing the engine may be from a Ford people carrier but it’s been fettled by Cosworth so now it produces 280 horsepower and fitting a 280 horsepower heart in a car which weighs just half a ton is well the effects are going to be profound this accident climbing stone naught to 60 takes just 2.8 seconds and in theory the top speed is 170 but in reality it isn’t because the mono has the same problem as the area answer no windscreen at 90 you’re forced to accept that really you need a helmet where the lid on you can start to appreciate just how clever this car is avoid fates I mean only just but I do actually face even though it has Formula One style pushed short suspension is supplied you can almost call it comfortable although that said at high revs everything starts to tingle and by praise going to too many details but let me put it this way if I were a girl I’d like it very much strangely even cross solid women can drive this car legally on the road but realistically it’s built for the track so let’s see what’s what this one really about straight-line speed feel first if I’m only see some really like driving this is like a conducting an orchestra about serve me while they’re doing the very well-rehearsed Pegasus red tones and hear the violins the brakes yet they’re good gearbox is fantastic really is an absolutely instant changes bang bang bang grenade and there’s more because all the heavy stuff the engine the gearbox and the driver is all in a line low down in the middle of the car it has the same center of gravity as a worm couple that to the f1 suspension and especially made tires and the cornering speeds are simply immense to demonstrate how immense we’ve set up a radar trap on the follow-through and coming through it now as fast as possible is a Peugeot 208 83 and a half miles an hour then it was the turn of a bmw m3 oh now look at that ninety point two five miles an hour after innocent gto had a garden we unleashed the mono sima point it is very fast then and it’s fun but what about reliability traditionally not a strong point for small volume British sportscars the first time I drove a mono it set fire to itself the second time the engine went wonky in the third time it broke down before it had even left the factory so I thought if it really is another typically British badly executed good idea but since all those calamities they’ve had 12 months to work on the design and the detailing and I have to say it looks not just very well thought-out but absolutely beautifully made and it’s not just the detailing this beautiful either when you stand back that’s one of the most exciting shapes they’ve ever seen the mono is the nicest thing to come out of Cheshire since the cheese but it does cost a hundred and two thousand pounds and that for a twice-a-year toy is a lot in many ways there this is like an alley pad because that’s not cheap either and you certainly don’t need one but you want one because it’s such a lovely thing you you

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