Back in the 80s: Six Fox-Body Mustangs are sold

Back in the 80s: Six Fox-Body Mustangs are sold


Recently, one of the users of the Bring A Trailer portal put up for sale a collection of six Ford Mustangs of the Fox-Body generation. Among the cars there are a number of rare models, including a real police interceptor, which does not have any distinctive signs on the body and was used as a car for covert patrol.

In addition to it, the collection includes two Mustang GT models of the same generation, but in pre – and post-restyled versions. The greatest interest, according to experts, should cause a Mustang from Saleen in 1988, which was serially modified by Saleen Autosport. Its circulation is about 700 units, the car has an alternative body kit, modified chassis and sports seats.

Another interesting example is called the Ford Mustang ASC McLaren-a sports car turned into a Roadster with a yellow fabric top. The circulation of the line was 1,800 units, but only 23 cars were assembled in yellow. Finally, a Mustang SVO with a 2.3-liter turbo engine with 175 HP, which had only one owner.

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