Back to basics: the Infiniti will turn into a “Nissan-plus”


Infiniti will return to its historical origins, that is, instead of the original models will offer improved Nissans. This will allow a premium brand to cut costs to reduce retail prices and increase sales.

Infiniti brand was created in the late ‘ 80s to counter the American market the premium brands of Honda and Toyota, Acura and Lexus respectively, but the last ten years she tried to play on the German Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. Carlos Ghosn, the former head of Nissan, even agreed with Dieter Zetsche, the former head of Daimler, on the close technical cooperation, bringing to light a few of the Infiniti models on the platforms of Mercedes-Benz power units by Mercedes-Benz, namely the compact Q30/QX30 and mid-size Q50/Q60.

Alas, sales of these models did not meet expectations, and after the controversial resignation of Carlos Ghosn Infiniti brand is in a permanent creative search. Over the past year and a half from Infiniti has had four chief, current peyman of Kargar took office today. Last year, global sales of the Infiniti, according to Automotive News, decreased by 24% to 189 thousand units. Demand in the key us market, according to the company, in 2019 decreased by 21% to 117 708 PCs in Addition, last year it was announced about leaving the Infiniti from the markets of Europe, Australia and the decommissioning of production of its flagship Q70 sedan.

The nearest new – kupeobrazny crossover Infiniti QX55, promo heir of the legendary FX – had to get up on the conveyor of the joint plant of Daimler in the Mexican city of Aguascalientes in July of this year, but the launch delayed for several months because of a pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 and problems with suppliers. On the further innovations announced in November last year: much to the surprise of fans of the Infiniti revealed that the brand relies on consistent bezrazlichny hybrids and pure electric cars. Now there is a new opening, they told Automotive News operating officer of Nissan Ashwani Gupta after publicized recently by the new strategic plan of the company and plan for its reintegration into the Alliance with Renault.


So, Infiniti will abandon the global ambitions and will focus on two key markets – the US and China. Rivalry with “the Germans” is no more, and that means sedans and crossovers with longitudinal power unit will go into the past without heirs. According to Gupta, Infiniti will be back to basics, that there will be a “Nissan-plus”. This means that the model will be Infiniti Nissan platform and powerplant, and individuality will be created thanks to the premium design and rich equipment. The first improved the Nissan under the Infiniti brand will enter the market in 2023.

As the “Nissan-plus” relate to the November plan and bezrazlichny hybrids is unclear, especially given the fact that the main source of energy in these hybrids was announced 1.5-liter “of turbotron” MR15DDT with a variable compression ratio, that is essentially a variation of the 2.0-liter unit VC-Turbo, which is placed on the QX50 crossover the current generation. This engine was too complicated and expensive, practical use for the consumer from him, and in a fresh strategy for Nissan total cost reduction marvelous technology does not fit. That is, engines with a variable compression ratio will likely also go away in time, but for hybrids to fit something simpler.

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In question and the future of the above mentioned plant in Aguascalientes capacity of 300 thousand cars per year, which last year released only 30 294 Infiniti QX50 crossover. It is possible that after the completion of production of the QX50 and the platform QX55 the company as a whole should go to Daimler. In any case, the current production capacity for Infiniti excess: the cars of this brand are doing two plants in Japan, two in China, one in USA and, in fact, Mexican Aguascalientes.

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