“Back to the future”: DeLorean will return in the form of an electric vehicle

“Back to the future”: DeLorean will return in the form of an electric vehicle


The new electric sports car will appear in 2022. The novelty will retain key exterior features of the original, such as gull-wing doors.

The rights to the DeLorean brand have been owned since 1995 by the almost eponymous DeLorean Motor Company, located in Texas and founded by Briton Stephen Wynn. The company has an ambitious goal – it intends to revive DeLorean as an automaker and intends to do this as early as 2022. During the year, the company will introduce a new electric sports coupe.

The company posted a small teaser video on its Twitter. The novelty will be called DeLorean EVolved. Judging by the hashtags in the tweet, the new model will be given much more attention to luxury than the original model.

This is not the first attempt to revive the DeLorean, but this time it looks quite realistic. Last year, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the original model, ItalDesign released a similar teaser, hinting that the company was involved in the project. The original DMC-12 was drawn by ItalDesign founder Giorgetto Giugiaro. It is not yet known how close the novelty will be to the original model and whether the body will have stainless steel papels. At least the electric car will get branded gull-wing doors.

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