Bad Friday for insurance! A fire destroyed 3500 auto

Bad Friday for insurance! A fire destroyed 3500 auto


The incident happened in Florida (USA). In the Parking lot for cars that were rented, there was a large fire, which destroyed 3,500 cars. No human casualties.

On Friday at the international airport southwest Florida (USA) the fire started in the Parking lot where there were cars for rent. The result of which was damaged no less than 3,500 cars that were on the huge square. While the cause of fire currently under investigation, comes many comments regarding Parking – it turns out the car was just outdoors near dry grass. And Yes, there were flammable materials that also contributes to the rapid spread of fire.

The fire was extinguished thanks to aviation and the many crews of fire protection – it is reported that he even had to bring in dry weight from neighboring counties.

Law enforcement agencies also were involved in the operation to help control traffic around the airport and to send the “travelers” on the new temporary Parking and areas most distant from the scene.


By Saturday the fire was completely extinguished and restrained, as on Friday evening the members of the service began in time to fight the flames, trying to extinguish it and prevent further damage to the surrounding areas. The remaining 3800 leased cars belonging to different companies were moved to a safer area and were not damaged.

Fortunately, nobody was injured in the fire, and officials are currently starting to investigate the reasons for such a massive fire. With temperatures in Florida reaching quite high values, the General dryness and lack of rain, quite easy to start a fire this time of year.

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