Bad news: Aston Martin says goodbye to ‘mechanics’

Bad news: Aston Martin says goodbye to ‘mechanics’


Bad news for those who like the manual Aston Martins: the British automaker will stop producing manual models by 2022.

During a recent conversation with the automotive press in Australia, Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers indicated that the Vantage will no longer be equipped with a manual transmission after the update.

Representatives of the brand made several evaluations of this car. “Mechanics” are no longer needed. Aston Martin reintroduced the 6-speed manual transmission a few years ago and then began offering manual transmission on the regular Vantage. Former CEO Andy Palmer believed this gave the automaker a unique advantage over many of its competitors that no longer offered manual transmissions.

Under Palmer’s direction, Aston Martin also planned to offer the upcoming Vanquish model with a mid-engined manual transmission. But that won’t happen anymore.

What’s more, the next-generation Vanquish will use a hybrid powertrain from AMG instead of a self-developed 6-cylinder engine.

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