Bad news for Vaga. This time from Mexico

Bad news for Vaga. This time from Mexico


Because of the continuing threat about the spread of the coronavirus in the state of Puebla (Mexico) delayed restart of the Mexican factories of Volkswagen AG, according to Ukrautoprom, citing Internet resource Automotive Logistics.

Prior to that, the leadership of automakers focused on the date June 15 – when they can resume production. However, the date of the restart pushed for an indefinite time, leaving the basic conditions for the opening – in the shops should work no more than 1/3 of the staff from the standard population.


The Audi plant in San josé Chiapa responsible for the production of Q5 and exports about 95% of our products worldwide. At the site of release of the Volkswagen Jetta, Golf and Tiguan, as well as supply OEM factory in Chattanooga (USA), who will be forced to stay if in the near future, not to restore manufacturing in Pueblo.

However, despite the mixed messages from the authorities, most Mexican auto plants were able to return to work later this month, following the mandatory protocols for the protection of health and safety. However, the cases of coronavirus in the country is practically not reduced and show a tendency of growth.

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