Baojun introduced electric city car KiWi EV

Baojun introduced electric city car KiWi EV


Even in times of relatively large amount of important news, there is room for interesting events far beyond Europe. China’s Baojun has renamed one of its compact electric vehicles.

In April 2020, Baojun introduced an electrically powered city car to the Chinese consumer, as square as the E300 Kei car. A few months later, the E300 was joined by the E300 Plus, a longer (30 centimeters) version with more space for two rear passengers. Now the name of the E300 can be forgotten – Baojun has reintroduced the E300, but this time it is called the KiWi EV. Although the E300 thus represents the name of the fruit, the K and W in this case refer to the kilowatt symbol.

The Baojun KiWi is indistinguishable from the outside of the E300, at least in terms of design. KiWi EV is available in new colors. Baojun uses other materials in the interior as well. Also, the KiWi EV is technically identical to the E300, which means it has a 54 hp electric motor. and 150 Nm, which is powered by a 32 kWh battery. According to Baojun, the E300 travels 490 km on the NEDC scale on a single battery charge.

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