Batman on the run: Abandoned ‘Batmobile’ found in Dubai

Batman on the run: Abandoned ‘Batmobile’ found in Dubai


Photos taken at one of the warehouses in Dubai have been published on the Web. The author of the images managed to capture the dust-covered Batmobile, on which Christian Bale moved in the superhero trilogy by Christopher Nolan.

Judging by the published images, the superhero car has been in stock for a long time. The whole car is covered with a thick layer of sand and dust. However, the Batmobile is not abandoned. As it turned out, he still has an owner who periodically drives a vehicle into the city, but does not look after him at all.

According to experts, the discovered “Batmobile” may be a car that took part in the filming of the trilogy about “The Dark Knight” by Christopher Nolan. Perhaps it was on this car that Christian Bale moved, who played the main role in the film franchise. According to another version, the vehicle is one of five replicas built with the permission of the film company for travel on public roads. Each such car was sold in 2014 for a million dollars.

Copies were equipped with a 5.7-liter V8 from the Chevrolet Corvette with a capacity of 500 horsepower. The maximum speed of such a “Betmobile” was 250 kilometers per hour. In addition, the superhero car is equipped with 44-inch off-road tires and imitation jet exhaust.

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