Batteries of Toyota electric cars will be super hardy

Batteries of Toyota electric cars will be super hardy


Toyota Motor has revealed new details of the promising bZ4X electric vehicle, which was shown a prototype in April this year. It became known that the manufacturer will equip the future novelty with a durable battery, which will retain 90% of its initial capacity even after ten years. Representatives of the Japanese brand spoke about this at a conference on batteries and electrification.

In other words, with a planned cruising range of 500 kilometers, even in a decade, the crossover will be able to drive up to 450 kilometers on a single battery charge. We are talking about the average operating parameters (in relation to the US market, an average mileage of 15,000 miles, or about 24,000 kilometers, is usually taken as a reference point).

Modern electric cars of the Toyota brand in China (for example, C-HR, aka IZOA) have a much more modest target – about 75-80%. First generation Prius plug-in hybrids retain approximately 50-55% of factory capacity, while second-generation plug-in hybrids retain approximately 65%.

Toyota does not disclose exactly how it will be able to increase battery life. Usually, a set of measures is used for this, including optimization of the chemical composition, temperature control during operation and charging, as well as installing an additional buffer that slows down degradation.

It is already known that Toyota engineers will implement a temperature analysis system in each individual battery cell. This information will help prevent local overheating.

Recall that the Toyota bZ4X electric crossover will hit the market in 2022. The vehicle is being built from scratch on the e-TNGA platform, jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru for electric vehicles with front, rear or all-wheel drive.

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