Battery with quick charge function will appear at Toyota

Battery with quick charge function will appear at Toyota


Solid-state battery will be able to offer a greater range while maintaining the size, but the automaker has yet to address the issue of increasing life cycle of battery.

Toyota has created a working prototype of a car with a solid-state battery, which was to be represented at the Olympic games this summer. The Japanese automaker is cooperating with Panasonic to 2025 to start production of solid state batteries, however, before the serial production is still far away.

First of all, automakers still need to solve the problem, which eliminates the advantages of solid state batteries: short life span.


Toyota decided to focus on hybrid and hydrogen vehicles fuel cell as the basis of its strategy to reduce emissions, but this does not mean that the automaker refuses to electric vehicles. In addition to the electrical crossover and the line of six electric vehicles, which can be the first to enter the Chinese market, Toyota is currently working on a technological breakthrough: solid state battery.

Solid state battery-batteries charge faster, last longer and have a greater energy density. This means that a car with such a battery can drive more than a similar vehicle with a lithium-ion battery of the same size. Toyota has had to demonstrate a working prototype of its solid-state battery at the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020. The event, of course, was delayed until 2021 due to pandemic coronavirus, but Toyota still wants to share how far she has advanced in creating its own battery.

In an interview with Automotive News, Keiji Kaita, Executive Vice President of Toyota, said the company has a working prototype. However, due to issues of safety and longevity, he still does not use the true potential of solid-state batteries. One of the biggest problems with solid-state batteries is their short lifespan: they have a tendency to fail after repeated charging.


The automaker together with its partner, Panasonic, focuses on the electrolyte based on sulfur, which is said to provide a more efficient transfer of ions between the electrodes. However, Toyota needs to figure out how to create an electrolyte that will not deform under normal charge and discharge the battery, and cause damage to the battery.

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The company said that by 2025, will begin limited production of new batteries. They will be expensive, but if the automaker and Panasonic can figure out how to make solid-state batteries for their hybrids and future electric cars, it will be a huge jump for all of environmentally friendly vehicles.

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