“Be-em-ve”, “Bi-em-double-u”, “Beemer” or “Boomer”: how to correctly pronounce the brand name

“Be-em-ve”, “Bi-em-double-u”, “Beemer” or “Boomer”: how to correctly pronounce the brand name


Received the official response to the long-plaguing all car philologists question: how correctly to pronounce the acronym BMW?

As this combination of letters stands for, it is known to many. Three famous letters is derived from the phrase, Bayerische Motoren Werke, which in English can be translated as Bavarian Motor Works, and in our countryn – “the Bavarian Motor Factories”. Thus, in the name of the company, founded 104 years ago, contains a direct allusion to its geographical origin.


But the pronunciations of the acronyms, there are many, including in Ukraine – from the usual “be-em-ve” to stylized English “bi-em-double-u”. The BMW, meanwhile, has decided to close this issue once and for all by publishing in social networks almost the shortest in the history of the brand video – it lasts only three seconds, one second for each letter.


And now we know that according to the manufacturer, the firm shall be referred to as “bi-em-VI” – and nothing else. However, linguists from Bavaria and not answered-what about those fans of the company, whose native language has nothing to do with German, and in which the difference in pronunciation of the sounds represented by letters V and W, is still quite large. However, waiting for similar educational videos from companies like Koenigsegg.

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