Be on trend: body kit for BMW E60 with huge “nostrils”

Be on trend: body kit for BMW E60 with huge “nostrils”


An interesting lot has appeared in one of the Chinese online stores – a bumper for BMW 5-Series in the back of E60, made in the style of the new M3 / M4.

On the legendary “five” of the era of automotive designer Chris Bangle, the huge “nostrils” of the radiator grille look out of place and do not fit with the rest of the body.

Recall that for the first time huge vertical “nostrils” on modern BMWs appeared on the M3 G80 and M4 G82. Following them, the iX electric crossover received a similar element. It is likely that future new products from BMW will also adopt this corporate style.

A flurry of criticism immediately fell upon the designers of the brand because of the absurdly large “nostrils”. Some tuners have even developed bumpers with alternative air intakes.

BMW Design Director Domagoy Dukech noted that the company is completely satisfied with this style. “We have no goal to please everyone in the world. It is impossible to create a design that everyone will love. But you have to please your customers, ”he said in an interview with UK Top Gear.

For such a bumper, the online store is asking for 2,500 yuan (approximately $ 380).

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